Our Process

At Randolph's, we take your business as seriously as you do.  Our mission is to to take care of you, the shareholder.   We are detailed and professional similar to that of a skilled physician prior to, during, and after a surgery.  Our "hands on" approach, like that of the fine surgeon, exams all available options and makes recommendations (Triage), acts on those recommendations with agreement from the patient (Surgery), then evaluates the results of the work that has been accomplished (Recovery).

Our program to recovery is as follows: 

Triage - A one-week evaluation of a company including its core competencies, market opportunities, staffing, financials, marketing, sales, business development, engineering and operations. A brief report summarizes our findings and recommendations.

Surgery - Assuming we find a company worth saving and you agree with our findings and recommendations, we can rapidly deploy the resources -- from one person, to a team of people -- to execute our recommendations. To date, our experience has been that we can reverse the course of a company, and start to accelerate revenues, profits and shareholder value usually within 90 days.

Recovery - Clearer results become evident over the following 90 days. Depending on your investment goals (e.g., profitability, liquidity, growth, risk reduction, opportunity identification), we can help assemble an exit strategy, demonstrate a firm foundation for future organic growth, provide a platform for future acquisitions or new product developments, or recruit a permanent management team.