Our Mission

To create, increase or recover shareholder value in
start-ups, ailing investments or stagnant operations.

We execute our mission by providing on-site, in-depth management services in three stages:
  • Triage – A one-week evaluation of a company including its core competencies, market opportunities, staffing, financials, marketing, sales, business development, engineering and operations. A brief report summarizes our findings and recommendations.
  • Surgery – Assuming that we find a company worth saving and that the client agrees with our findings and recommendations, we rapidly deploy the resources – from one person, to a team of people – to execute our recommendations. Within the first 90 days, we expect to reverse the course of a troubled situation, and start to accelerate revenues, profits and shareholder value.
  • Recovery – Clearer results become evident over the next 90-day period. Depending on the client’s investment goals (e.g., profitability, liquidity, growth, risk reduction, opportunity identification), we can help assemble an exit strategy, demonstrate a firm foundation for future organic growth, provide a platform for future acquisitions or new product developments, or recruit a permanent management team.
Since 1992, we have successfully supported the identification or creation of new opportunities for companies in the information, communications, transactions and entertainment industries. These include: U S WEST (now Qwest), Sony, Netscape, Netcom (now Earthlink), Whole Earth Networks (now Time-Warner Telecom), Philips, and Oracle