Randolph's has successfully demonstrated its ability to develop, manage and bring to market large scale, high impact, global services from concept to completion, incorporating and integrating complex marketing, technological and operational components.

The principals have held key positions at, and have created and/or controlled the promotion of the services and the associated brands for, some of the most influential international companies. They have acquired their knowledge working with such companies as: Bank of America, , Wells Fargo, NBC, Sony, TCI, Security Pacific National Bank, First Interstate, Sony Television, Home Savings, Glendale Federal Savings, Xerox, ComputerLand, MCA/Universal, Charles Schwab & Co., The Preview House, Datsun, Continental Airlines, Western Airlines, Toyota, Carnation, Foremost, Hunt/Wesson, Chevrolet, Ford, California Avocado Board, ABC, Grey Advertising and US WEST, to name a few.

The principals have gained extensive experience in all the key areas required to implement new products and services including: strategic planning, market structures, requirements definition, systems and design engineering; interface design; multimedia development; marketing; public relations; product development, new product introductions; promotion; sales; operations; customer service; transaction processing; programming; merchandising; market research; management information systems, decision support systems, data modeling, financial modeling; human resource management; office management; and administration. In addition, there are associates who have specialized, in-depth, industry-specific backgrounds in retailing, fashion, sports, and in-hotel merchandising.

Recently, Randolph's has been assisting companies such as Vantage Point Venture Partners, Qantel, Cyracom, Softbank, Netcom, Whole Earth Networks, Navigation Technologies, and others discover sound business models, develop creative business solutions, create unique selling propositions, acquire necessary funding and create significant new shareholder value.